Have you ever wondered...

If the nutrients found in foods and supplements could help you to sleep better?

Emerging science is divulging more and more how the connection between your gut and brain swap intel and communicate to power up and kick your sleep into gear.

Welcome to the gut-brain axis and Sleep’s next chapter of solutions!

Formulating sleep through the power of macronutrients and micronutrients to feed and fuel your trillions of gut bugs that make up your gut microbiome is one of the secret ingredients.

A daytime solution and 24-hour strategy to get you through the night and the day.

Yep this solution is ‘Eyes Wide Open’ no wrestling or fuss required while trying to sleep simply reformulate what you put in your mouth.


Designed specifically for Men.


Wondering why it’s difficult to lose weight, you feel more stressed, look older than your age or struggle to remember thoughts and memories?

Sleep is a complex process impacting your body from head to toe and inside and out.

Did You Know your gut microbiome communicates with your brain and this plays a role in your sleep.

To do this well it requires nutrients to feed it’s trillions of gut bugs who make up your gut microbiome and in return they swap intel and communicate from your gut to the brain.

Hence the reason why Eating to Sleep is a strategic hack to help power up sleep to give you what you need to get nourished and regenerated each and every 24 hours.


Sleep nourishment fuels your circadian rhythms, sleep hormones and body mechanics.

And as a BONUS also helps balance other hormones, improve your metabolic profile, build strong immune health, calm your nervous system and power up your cognitive performance.

Hack your way to quality sleep via Foods, Supplements & Combination Strategies.

Remember we made sure it’s ‘MANPROOFED’.

Make your mouthfuls count towards your night and day.


Everything is possible

Building a diverse and strong gut microbiome for sleep health is the holy grail worth chasing and will help transform your sleep and overall health picture to the next level.

Ignite your day and night through the power of macronutrients and micronutrients and get more back than your realize.

  • Getting a better nights sleep
  • Waking up to feel more refreshed
  • Sharper mental performance
  • Overcoming your ‘brain fog’
  • Body repair
  • Losing some pounds by resting & eating more!
  • Rediscovering brilliance in your own skin
  • Building robust health to live life to the fullest

The Men’s Sleep Diet at Saving Brother’s is specifically designed by clinical health professionals who care about your sleep, gut microbiome and have been impacting health around the world for the past 30 years.

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