Success should be the byproduct, not the destination

Success should be the byproduct, not the destination

After 20+ years of hustle, grind, success and failures in the corporate world, then working even harder to build his own businesses, Greg Gillies found himself with materialistic success but always felt like something was missing. He transformed his inner world to achieve his dreams, and now helps others do the same.

Centuries of generational programming has conditioned men to place so much of their self-worth in their level of status and financial success. The pursuit of a lifestyle that only money can buy holds men as a prisoner at the deepest level of our psyche to never think we are good enough.

At any BBQ, get together or social event we attend these days, the topic of conversation always ends up at money, wealth, property, investing, how to get ahead and the list goes on.

Our societal need for more – to have more, be financially better off and to not miss out on things – has left many of us empty, unhappy, feeling unworthy, and living in a life of lack. Right now we live in a world where there is more abundance than ever before in history, yet people feel this lacking feeling more than ever before as we are always comparing ourselves with others.

This sad reality destroys men’s mental health, marriages, relationships, and families, as we continue to be drawn into the mind’s belief system that love and happiness is subject to how successful you are.

Is your partner often asking when you will ever be happy?
Are your kids desperately longing for your undivided attention?
Are you always looking for the next hit of dopamine through your obsession or addiction?

Regardless of your situation, you need to be the change. You need to find a way to find happiness and love first and allow success to be a by-product of those scenarios, not expect that love and happiness will be a by-product of your success.

How to focus on love and happiness over achieving success

You focus on your mental, physical and spiritual health as the absolute priority. When you find your inner truth, connect with your intuitive guidance and trust what you feel, you can override societal programming.

Mental Health 

Did you know your mind has been programmed by other people, situations, events and influences since birth? You don’t have to accept this as the way it will always be however – you can reprogram your mind through neuro linguistic programming. 


Physical Health 

An overactive mind creates stress in the whole body, and this can lead to long term imbalances in your nervous system, hormones, glands and organs. When your body is not in optimal health, it triggers unhealthy emotions and cognitive loops like anxiety, worry, panic and more stress which just leads to more unhealthy behaviour patterns.


Spiritual Health 

I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. When you truly understand how your ‘everything’ actually works, including energy, spiritual guidance and the Laws of the Universe, this is when you’ll truly understand how to create abundance without the obsessive, addictive behavioural patterns that you may have currently.


Make yourself the number one priority and you will succeed

I tell my clients that when you make yourself the #1 priority, then all your desires will start showing up. If you only hustle, fight, sacrifice and grind through the day, you may achieve some level of success, but you’ll end up empty in very important areas of your life – and you have to ask yourself, is this really success?

My mission is to change the masculine male programming that society has placed on men through helping them see that attaching your self-worth to money is a flawed concept from the start. If you’re feeling less of a man or that you’re lacking basic needs because you’re always looking for the next big thing, I challenge you to become obsessed with finding happiness and loving what you have. And funnily enough, you’ll manifest opportunities that will present more abundance in your life anyway!

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