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Are you driven to make an impact in people’s lives?

If you’re called to help others, and are passionate about men’s mental and physical wellbeing, then consider becoming a Saving Brothers Resident Coach to bring these qualities to life!

Supporting men aged 25-65+ from all over the world, our Resident Coaches develop meaningful relationships that directly impact on the quality of our community members' lives.

We offer a safe space for men globally to connect, collaborate, and challenge each other to sit in the driver’s seat of their own life and steer themselves toward a healthier, happier future.

We also know men’s health is everyone’s business, and the platform further supports women in supporting the men in their lives.

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A word from our Founder, Philip Robison

A portrait of Philip Robison, the founder of men’s health organisation Saving Brothers

What is Saving Brothers?

Founded by Philip Robison, Saving Brothers is a global community and resource hub for men, meeting them wherever they are in life.

We focus on making an impact through improving men’s health, self and wealth, and creating connection and communication.

Our mission is to meet men wherever they are in life, with a focus on promoting health, self and wealth. You can help us do this with our members through your expertise, but equally, we can help you achieve your own goals as well.

10 Reasons

to become a Saving Brothers Resident Coach:

Access to our worldwide members

allowing you to reach men aged 25-65 actively invested in improving themselves in the areas of health, wealth and self (in the marketing world, they call this qualified leads)

Publish your course content

on the Saving Brothers coaching portal at no additional cost. You can see the number of participants and the completion rate, create quizzes, send certificates, gamify your content, and much more. The best part? We'll do it all for you - just send us your content! If you don't already have a digital / online course, this is a great way to get started - with access to audiences and it all done for you!

One-time fee or add a recurring subscription

Sell your course with confidence with a one-time fee or add a recurring subscription with our secure, encrypted payment gateway

Be found by all our members

Interact with course participants via our app, and be found by all our members in the app directory - that's exposure to more potential course participants!

Targeted member marketing

Increase the chances for course registrations with our targeted member marketing - we'll suggest your course to members who have taken similar courses, and if you have more than one course, we can suggest these to your current course participants

Display your status with a digital badge

and add your new title to LinkedIn as an organisational accomplishment - we’ll guide you through the steps to take

45-minute podcast session every month

Enjoy hosting one 45-minute podcast session every month via our Saving Brothers virtual studio (Streamyard) which offers penetration into Spotify, Apple Podcast, and all the major social media channels, plus we will edit and produce the podcast to share on our social media channels

Guaranteed article published every month

A guaranteed article published every month on our website with a backlink to your website - great for SEO! *Note, you will need to supply the article and it must align with our editorial guide

Feature you on our website for one month

We will feature you on our website for one month twice per year for greater visibility to our members and the general public

Tagged and profiled in one post a month

You will be tagged and profiled in one post a month on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts (our Facebook group currently as 2,000 members and growing)

All up...

with professional podcasting, course publishing and editing, online promotion and more, this package is valued at over $600USD / month or $7200 USD / year! That’s not even counting the PR, speaking, and networking opportunities that comes with being involved. Take a look at the value we’ve packed in and how easy we’ve made it to get involved...

How it works


$499 USD / YEAR

It’s a long game for us, and we’re rewarding Coaches who share the same vision!

With a low annual fee, you get access to new audiences and profiling opportunities, our members get incredible content and value, and we get to grow for another 12 months alongside you.

Win - Win - Win in our eyes. 🙂


$199 USD / MONTH

Prefer to take us for a test drive? Our no contract option allows you to experience life as a Resident Coach on a monthly basis and cancel any time.

When you still love us after three months, we’ll waive your remaining fees and consider you a fully paid member as if you had signed up on the annual plan initially.

Another way we like to make sure there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Become a Resident Coach today

With an engaged brotherhood of men in the Saving Brothers community, you will:

Elevate your thought leadership profile

Build your network

Set your SEO to soaring new heights

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