Welcome to the Saving Brothers’ Ambassador program

You have the power and the opportunity to link men to mental and physical health resources - whether they just need a gentle nudge in the right direction, or they’re facing some of the darkest times of their lives and feel they have nowhere to turn.

Imagine helping dozens - or hundreds - of men each year connect to a network that gives them the support they need to grow into their best selves.

We have thousands of men in our online community, and we’re expanding every day. We know the best way to save a brother is to be a brother, and our Ambassador program is designed to help more men step up and reach their hand out to others, so that no one feels alone.

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A word from our Founder, Philip Robison


Become a

Saving Brothers’ Ambassador

Unique URLs tailored to your domain to market Saving Brothers

Commissions based on the level you decide to sign up to

Lifelong commissions for future purchases from existing leads

An Ambassador dashboard to track your earnings

Monthly payouts via Paypal

Access to everything you need to become a successful Ambassador! Simply grab your pre-written emails and share to your network.

Effortlessly connect men with Saving Brothers while earning commissions for your efforts

How does Saving Brothers’ Ambassadorship work?

   Become an Ambassador

Once you are endorsed to be an Ambassador, you will have access to the Ambassador dashboard where you can set up your unique URL. You are fully supported with our ready-to-use swipe files to help you promote your role as Ambassador and build your network. We've done all the marketing for you so you can become a successful Ambassador quickly and without any pressure!

   Share your unique URL

This URL is your gateway to building wealth. You will be paid 50% of the monthly membership fee per member for every new member that uses your URL, as well as a percentage of all future purchases made from this sign up, according to the Ambassador level you select.


$400 USD / YEAR


  • 50% of monthly membership fee
  • 50% of Ambassador registration fees per sign up
  • 10% of course fees per sign up


$250 USD / YEAR


  • 50% of monthly membership fee
  • 35% of Ambassador registration fees per sign up
  • 7.5% of course fees per sign up


$100 USD / YEAR


  • 50% of monthly membership fee
  • 20% of Ambassador registration fees per sign up
  • 5% of course fees per sign up


Receive 20% of the Affiliate Commission Saving Brothers receives on various goods in our store purchased by a member that registers via your unique Ambassador URL.

Ambassador Features:

When someone clicks on your URL, they have 30 days to join as a Member and you can track this progress in your dashboard, while also viewing purchases made by your Members and commission in the same space.

Through the dashboard you will also be able to track your payouts, which occur monthly via PayPal. The dashboard also features a media library where you can access images for Saving Brothers promotions.

You will also receive a digital badge upon signing up, which permits you to display our endorsement of you as an official Saving Brothers Ambassador. This stamp of approval demonstrates your resolve to support men’s mental and physical health, and your drive to making a difference in the lives of men worldwide.

You can display this badge on your website, social media and email signature, with your unique URL accompanying it for wider exposure.