Emotional Self-Regulation Coaching with Karen Richards

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Why should your life be about just ‘surviving’ and ‘getting through’ each day? Emotions like worry, frustration, guilt, anger and anxiety drain your energy and cloud your decision making. I can coach you how to self-regulate these emotions, so you can stop the overwhelm, begin to recharge and start enjoying life again, no matter what it throws at you. With daily practice, these easy-to-learn, scientifically validated, heart-based tools and techniques transform the way you feel, from anxiety, depression and burnout to a thriving, measured and balanced approach to stressful circumstances. I'm living proof!
Interested in 1:1 Coaching from Karen? Book a complimentary call to get started! Coaching Packages begin at $480.  An optional, highly recommended biofeedback sensor device can be purchased separately and used for daily feedback (Discount is available in the UK). Karen can also offer one-off single sessions for $80.
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