Positive Intelligence® (PQ) Mental Fitness Program and Coaching with Karen Richards


  • Respond to life’s challenges with a fiercely positive mindset!

Through a weekly 1:1 support call with me, daily feedback Monday-Friday, and access to an exclusive App, with a fast and effective step-by-step guide to building your powerful Mental Fitness muscles, you will:

  • Break the constant cycle of negative thoughts, which cause low mood, exhaustion, and dissatisfaction with life.
  • Release the impact of past regrets.
  • Stop sabotaging your own happiness.
  • Begin to feel deeply valued, appreciated, and more connected with the people you care about.

Mental Fitness is not just about insight, it requires building strong new ‘muscles’ – neural pathways – in different areas of your brain. It means strengthening your Self-Command muscle, that shifts your focus from Survival mode to activation of a far more powerful area, we can call the Sage.

  • Although it requires intense initial practice, research has shown the increased grey matter of this area is seen on MRI scans within 8 weeks.

Work with me for 8 weeks. If you do the practice and don’t get results, I’ll refund your entire investment!

Supplier: Karen Richards


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Up to 5 members of Saving Brothers (or partners/friends/family members) can form a group ‘Pod’ and help support each other through the Program. Sharing the experience is powerful! The full $1995 cost of the Program can be covered by the group.

My offer to refund your personal investment, if you don’t get results in this case, will be dependent on all participants completing the Program together.

Book a free 60- minute Introductory Session: https://calendly.com/karenatheart/scheduled-call-with-karen