The Science of Protection: How Leaders Gain An Unfair Advantage to Create Stellar Success


The Science of Protection is a six step journey that helps ensure your achievement is based on the firm and universal foundation of protection, which helps protect you and your progress without suffering. Through purification, coherence, leadership state, capacity, spontaneous right action and deserving power you can be a leader who removes the darkness of uncertainty, doubt, stress and fear, in yourself and others, and does what is most evolutionary and fulfilling for yourself, your team and the world.



Implementing the Science of Protection as a foundation to your Science of Achievement will help you: – Avert & minimize loss of time, money, energy, ROI, key talent, shareholder value, health, and reputation. – Diminish fear-based decision-making and increase fulfillment-based decision making. – Prevent and reduce costly failure and career damaging mistakes. – Ensure you achieve what you expect in the long run. – Continue to achieve and progress amidst exponential change, challenges and crisis. – Avert being hijacked by your or someone else’s ego. – Stay in alignment with your “inner why” and purpose. – Quickly overcome inertia and resistances like stress, vices, incoherence and attachment. – Most importantly help you prevent an untimely early and unfortunate death as a leader. Leadership problems and failures start from weaknesses in the mind which then translate into behavior and action. Leaders of today and the future have to be more familiar with what truly develops their leadership mind so they have greater awareness to make the right decisions. The Science of Protection will put you on the fore front of how to do this. We welcome you to a new era of leadership, where protection is the deepest foundation to build your achievement. A foundation that protects you, your team and your achievements, enabling you to have an protected advantage in creating stellar success and become an enlightened leader who protects your world and everyone in it. To your and your peoples protected success!