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The Gut Reset


The Gut Reset is designed to nutritional target your gut microbiome to restore balance, diversify the types of heathy gut bug species while helping their numbers to flourish in abundance to improve digestive health.

GET a gut microbiome kit, dietitian designed menu plans, shopping lists, live coach session access with an RN and Clinical Dietitian (Gut specialist), video resources and matched nutritional support supplements. 

This 90-day interactive online health coached program is gut nutritional specific, designed and coached by experienced health clinicians (Dietitian and RN) with expertise in gut, sleep and metabolic health.




The Formulator’s Kit a 3-month supply of supplements specifically matched to provide essential nutrients for gut health to take  in conjnction with dietary food and menu planning.

The Gut Microbiome Test is a comprehensive gut microbiome test to analyse the microorganism species living in your gut microbiome. This sophisicated health tool provides a data picture of gut health status and gives insight to be more specific about how to improve the diversity of your microorganisms to optimise gut health and the gut-brain axis to further support your sleep and overal health. This home test is delivered to your door with a replied paid satchel to Microba laboratory. Receive a comprehensive report.