One-on-one Coaching with Leanne Elich

Our Business and Executive Coaching is unique in its approach and provides an extraordinary development platform for all business leaders. The Business Mastermind Coaching Program is aimed at maximising leadership potential, business growth and professional success. We provide the confidential guidance, counsel, support and feedback that successful business leaders rely on to maximise potential, elevate skills and achieve personal, professional and organisational goals. Everyone can benefit from having a “safe space,” free of judgment to learn, grow, focus and recharge. We engage in a deliberative process to define the purpose, competencies, and behaviours that need to be modified and maximised. Our program guides our method of systematically linking all aspects of personal success. It integrates four components: 1. Identification 2. Resources 3. Transformation 4. Results Each component has its unique elements, and these elements are structured within a framework and action plan to guide the agenda for the entire coaching engagement. - Achieve your goals and build strength for greater personal and business success - Build resilience and learn how to overcome challenges - Learn to think critically and creatively about business problems, goals and solutions - Explore and understand Emotional Intelligence - Provide a practical way of setting and achieving personal goals
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Leanne Elich is a Psychology driven Business Strategist, the creator of the Business Mastermind Program and the successful ‘Periodic Table of Sales’.

She is one of Australasia’s most successful Medical Technology Business Executives and leading expert in high performance sales teams with over 25 years’ experience in both clinical and corporate environments.

With the passion to understand the behaviors of successful business, Leanne has uncovered psychological driven business strategies to create differentiation in a busy marketplace. Powered by her own success, Leanne is using her established methodologies to teach businesses how to think differently, create value and set a pathway for industry leadership. For over 20 years, she has studied and observed the psychology of human behavior, influence and persuasion in sales.

Leanne is a graduate of the University of Sydney, Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School. She is an Honorary Clinical Fellow, an International Keynote Speaker, Author and Leadership advisor.

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