One-on-one Coaching with Alison Verge

Area of Speciality: Relationships
Alison's unique coaching process helps professionals gain confidence and clarity in attracting the right relationship, not just any relationship - one to last a lifetime! By focusing on shifts in mindset and self-awareness, and by implementing a dynamic plan around dating, clients are able to break old patterns, pinpoint the qualities they need in a partner, and easily open up new possibilities to achieve the love they so desire. Clients find that the shifts are so great that positive changes extend beyond just their love life. There is a ripple effect along with a new vision for a wonderful future they believe they can and will achieve.
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Alison Verge is a Dating & Relationship Coach and Author. A serial entrepreneur and mother of two amazing teen girls, living in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Alison’s mission is to bring more lasting love into this world! In January 2015, a bad skiing accident left her with a rare condition, in a wheelchair, and with an end to her 20-year marriage. And so began the battle of her life, a long painful push to return to her previously fit state without the traditional form of treatment (drug therapy). After a deep dive into self-development and a focus on mindset, she defeated the odds and threw her wheelchair away! She entered the “dating jungle” surprised to see how emotionally turbulent and complex it had become. Much of it seemed so unnecessary. She instantly knew her life purpose was to help navigate people through this process and find the right partner aligned with who they are. Even after years back to school and having to build a second business from the ground up – she has never looked back. Relationships have been her lifelong passion. Being able to witness the joy in her client’s lives as they finally meet a partner who makes them happy means everything!

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