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One-on-one Coaching with Alison Verge

Alison's unique coaching process helps professionals gain confidence and clarity in attracting the right relationship, not just any relationship - one to last a lifetime! By focusing on shifts in mindset and self-awareness, and by implementing a dynamic plan around dating, clients are able to break old patterns, pinpoint the qualities they need in a partner, and easily open up new possibilities to achieve the love they so desire. Clients find that the shifts are so great that positive changes extend beyond just their love life. There is a ripple effect along with a new vision for a wonderful future they believe they can and will achieve.
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One-on-One Coaching with Emmy Sobieski

Get an individual one hour session with renowned coach Emmy Sobieski! Emmy worked with world-class trainers when she was world or nationally ranked in 3 different sports (dressage, track & field, bodybuilding) at ages 39-51 while working full time. She gives pro tips that working professionals can implement immediately for both health and de-stressing.
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One-on-One Coaching with James Peters

Life Coaching
One-on-one personalised coaching program with James over zoom over the course of 8 weeks, working through the "rediscovering of self" program after adversity.
  • Learn to let go of negative emotions.
  • Start building self-confidence in yourself
  • Overcome low self-esteem. Feel authentically empowered.
  • Become excited by life again
  • Make life-enhancing decisions
  • Focus & fun - create a life you love, regardless of your past or current situations.
I help and motivate “adversity survivors” get back their passion, purpose and joy for life without navigating the dark side of life's journey alone by my rediscovery of self program. All you need you already have! Feel free to book a complimentary call with James to see if this is the right fit for you!
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One-on-One Coaching with Karen Richards

Karen is a HeartMath® and Mental Fitness Coach, supporting clients who are battling with negative thoughts and self-worth, through an 8-week program using science-backed tools and techniques that stop self-sabotage of relationships, wellbeing and performance, and focuses on the profound benefits of heart-brain coherence. Clients feel happier, less stressed, uniquely valued, and can move forward with clarity and a deepening inner stability. Karen trained as a Registered Nurse in the UK and specialised in Public Health. Book a complimentary 45-minute initial call with Karen here:
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One-on-one Coaching with Leanne Elich

Our Business and Executive Coaching is unique in its approach and provides an extraordinary development platform for all business leaders. The Business Mastermind Coaching Program is aimed at maximising leadership potential, business growth and professional success. We provide the confidential guidance, counsel, support and feedback that successful business leaders rely on to maximise potential, elevate skills and achieve personal, professional and organisational goals. Everyone can benefit from having a “safe space,” free of judgment to learn, grow, focus and recharge. We engage in a deliberative process to define the purpose, competencies, and behaviours that need to be modified and maximised. Our program guides our method of systematically linking all aspects of personal success. It integrates four components: 1. Identification 2. Resources 3. Transformation 4. Results Each component has its unique elements, and these elements are structured within a framework and action plan to guide the agenda for the entire coaching engagement. - Achieve your goals and build strength for greater personal and business success - Build resilience and learn how to overcome challenges - Learn to think critically and creatively about business problems, goals and solutions - Explore and understand Emotional Intelligence - Provide a practical way of setting and achieving personal goals
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One-on-One Coaching with Raamon Newman

In this 75 minute session we'll go deep into: 1. Understanding the root cause of your problem or obstacle or challenge. 2. How to more easily overcome what you are facing. 3. How to position yourself be in tune with what is most evolutionary for your right now. 4. How to remain calm, settled and coherent no matter what situation you're in. 5. How to have more protection and deserving power so you can fully realize your vision without being diminished by stress, pressure, incoherence and vices. You'll come a way feeling lighter, more at ease and coherent about the best course of action and leadership qualities to display to best influence what you want to see happen.