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Light - Book by Andrew Woodhead

This book is a beautifully illustrated short story that is effortless to read, providing clear and easy to digest information on how anxiety and depression can manifest and most importantly the activities to try, learn and practice to improve anyone's mental health.
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T.E.A.R.S. of Joy

The shedding of tears after a significant achievement, a meaningful moment or purposeful pursuit is an indication of the powerful emotional joy we all strive for in our lives. The fact is, everything we experience and all achievements in life start with a thought, belief, or perspective we choose to focus on. Therefore, we can all create the life we desire. What if there was a process for personal transformation that could lead to regular ‘tears of joy’ moments? In T.E.A.R.S. of Joy, Andrew Jobling provides the simple steps that will predictably lead to many meaningful moments of significance, achievement and well-being, empowering you to live a life of joyful longevity. This book offers a sure and certain pathway to transformation that lasts.
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The Banana Trap: How to Escape a Life of Stress and Finally Break Free

Science-based Stress Management Strategies to De-Stress & Prosper. Do you feel overwhelmed and over-stressed? Are you trapped in recurring cycles of worry and frustration? Do you crumble in stressful moments? Don’t worry, everybody has moments of high stress and overwhelm! This guidebook will help you understand why you experience stress, what you can do to break the cycle of chronic stress, and how to finally liberate yourself of stress, worry, and fear. This book will help you to: • Feel less overwhelmed and more confident • Escape The Banana Trap and reclaim your life • Identify and overcome the different types of stress • Eliminate stressful habits and increase happiness • Deal with high-pressure situations and be in control. PLUS develop a long-term strategy to prevent high stress before it occurs.
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The Science of Protection: How Leaders Gain An Unfair Advantage to Create Stellar Success

The Science of Protection is a six step journey that helps ensure your achievement is based on the firm and universal foundation of protection, which helps protect you and your progress without suffering. Through purification, coherence, leadership state, capacity, spontaneous right action and deserving power you can be a leader who removes the darkness of uncertainty, doubt, stress and fear, in yourself and others, and does what is most evolutionary and fulfilling for yourself, your team and the world.