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Business Mastermind Program

Based on over 20 years of sales and business experience this workshop provides an exceptional platform to intricately develop the skills of the world’s best salespeople. Using individual Character Strengths to determine the best sales approach and methods for successful selling. The program will keep you focused on your big goals, most active deals and motivate you to achieve amazing things. This workshop is a game changer and will set you up for successful selling every single day. The workshop is LIVE and interactive: 60 minutes per week for 12 weeks. Business Mastermind Course Inclusions:
  • Individual Client Portal
  • Sales Mastermind Questionnaire
  • Individual VIA Institute Strengths Survey
  • Business Mastermind Workbook
  • 50 page Character Strengths Report
  • Course content and downloads
  • Ongoing development tools
  • Resources
  • Access to L.E.C. Global Networking Community
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Increase Your Influence: Listen to be Heard - Course by Emmy Sobieski

No longer leave "chemistry" to chance or let those good at "talking" advance faster because of their network. With these tools, you can build your EQ and your network at the same time. Understand the strength of your human connections like bars on your cell phone. Be able to confidently increase those bars, building your connection by using active listening techniques such as short questions starting with "what", being aware of the levels of listening, using the power of the pause, and more. This course goes through the concepts of active listening via text and video, and has downloadable PDF worksheets and summaries.
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Light - Book by Andrew Woodhead

This book is a beautifully illustrated short story that is effortless to read, providing clear and easy to digest information on how anxiety and depression can manifest and most importantly the activities to try, learn and practice to improve anyone's mental health.
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Next Level Leadership Mastery - Course by Raamon Newman

This course is specifically designed for current or future leaders looking to up their leadership game by developing their self awareness, persuasion, influence & negotiation, and investing in developing yourself and others. Each module contains both the theoretical and practical components of learning and integrating these key leadership elements including a quiz at the end of lectures to consolidate learning.
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One-on-one Coaching with Alison Verge

Alison's unique coaching process helps professionals gain confidence and clarity in attracting the right relationship, not just any relationship - one to last a lifetime! By focusing on shifts in mindset and self-awareness, and by implementing a dynamic plan around dating, clients are able to break old patterns, pinpoint the qualities they need in a partner, and easily open up new possibilities to achieve the love they so desire. Clients find that the shifts are so great that positive changes extend beyond just their love life. There is a ripple effect along with a new vision for a wonderful future they believe they can and will achieve.
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One-on-One Coaching with Emmy Sobieski

Get an individual one hour session with renowned coach Emmy Sobieski! Emmy worked with world-class trainers when she was world or nationally ranked in 3 different sports (dressage, track & field, bodybuilding) at ages 39-51 while working full time. She gives pro tips that working professionals can implement immediately for both health and de-stressing.
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One-on-One Coaching with James Peters

Life Coaching
One-on-one personalised coaching program with James over zoom over the course of 8 weeks, working through the "rediscovering of self" program after adversity.
  • Learn to let go of negative emotions.
  • Start building self-confidence in yourself
  • Overcome low self-esteem. Feel authentically empowered.
  • Become excited by life again
  • Make life-enhancing decisions
  • Focus & fun - create a life you love, regardless of your past or current situations.
I help and motivate “adversity survivors” get back their passion, purpose and joy for life without navigating the dark side of life's journey alone by my rediscovery of self program. All you need you already have! Feel free to book a complimentary call with James to see if this is the right fit for you!