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05 Apr, 2023

Wisdom of the Men with Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur

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Today I catch up with Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur a graduate from The Wharton Business School.

After going to Hollywood to “find himself” he ended up spending the next 13 years driving Yellow Cab #6087 whilst paying his dues…

A chance meeting with a couple of guys from Goldman Sachs who in the back of his cab revealed to him the successes of one of his Fraternity Buddies was the turning point for Clint. He decided he could no longer keep throwing his life away on a dream that was not going to happen…

Clint gave up on his then dream and burned all 30 of his screenplays.

I ask Clint about some of the incredible people who he can include as his mentors… such as Pulitzer Prize winner Frank McCourt, (“Angela’s Ashes,”) Academy Award winner Arnold Kopelson, (“Platoon,” “Seven” and “The Fugitive”) and also by everyone’s favourite celebrity, storyteller & Academy Award nominated actress, Oprah Winfrey.

Clint shares with our listeners a Camp Fire Story when at a Men’s Retreat he’s told “You don’t know it yet but you’re already dead!” He explains what this confronting statement meant to him and how it inspired him…

Clint talks about how he sets goals as If “this was the last year of his life.” His first goal was to write a book About “What They Teach You at the Wharton Business School.” It was a Best Seller.

Clint is the author of some 20 Best Selling Books.

His latest has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize “WISDOM OF THE MEN.” This book is full of Wisdom based on Clint’s experiences working with International Celebrities, how he met them and what working with them has taught him.

This book is helping women to understand men better and for men to understand themselves better. You will definitely learn by reading this book how to understand life better. Lessons over 55 years from celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Mike Tyson, Dr.Oz, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Presidents Bush, Carter, Clinton, Trump and Biden.

Clint explains how you need to stand out in this world and that different is better than better if you want to stand out…the story of the man in one sock is one such example.

He talks about the importance of your Professional Look in the way you dress and how you gotta figure out some way to position yourself as somebody special.

One of the 3 pillars at Saving Brothers is Wealth – I ask Clint about what he meant when he said “How to Trick Yourself into Making Much More Money?” He reveals insights in to another of his books “The Income Doubler.” It’s all about reprogramming your subconscious mind.

I would say do yourself a favour and get out and buy yourself a copy of “Wisdom of The Men.”