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24 Apr, 2023

Walking a Path to Financial Freedom with Rob Cook

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Rob is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner, and former financial advisor who left his job as an advisor to join a start-up trying to bring the next generation of financial planning software to market. After becoming a financial advisor, Rob quickly realized that the current model of financial advice was broken and ripe for innovation. When he was approached by his company, he jumped at the chance to help millions of people gain access to real, high quality, truly valuable financial advice. Rob is also the host of the Contenders Wanted podcast, where he helps listeners solve their money problems without sacrificing what’s most important in life.

Rob talks about how do we go about changing our financial lives “the right way” by doing it purposefully and without losing balance.

Rob delves in to the importance balance plays for people seeking financial freedom and one of the most underrated attributes being patience when wanting to create financial freedom. It’s not about speed of the journey…Slow down to go faster! Take time to reflect.

Rob talks about the overwhelming concern we have with “getting it done” yesterday. Where has delayed gratification gone? Play the Long Game.

I ask Rob “How do I know if I am on the right path financially?” Rob says you need to look ahead on that path, where does it lead to and are you going to want to be there? It’s important to be flexible and if necessary implement a course correct.

Rob talks of looking at your peers who are a decade or two ahead of you and see what their financial lives look like and decide is this where you want your future to look like or not?

How do you get on the right path? It requires some personal introspection right now.

I ask Rob about men and the ever so common Mid life crisis and we discuss Rob’s thoughts around why this happens. Its’ important to know what you want or what you value.

Rob talks about the power of a Legacy Letter.

Rob believes the financial advisory model that most firms use is broken. “People who have wealth don’t use Financial Advisers.”

He shares a personal story of what happened when he approached one of his wealthy friends to do business.

Rob mentions a book worth reading called “Where are all the customers yachts?”

Rob’s final word for brothers around the world is “the only one who can control your financial journey is you…you cannot put it on anyone else. Take the time to self reflect and go get the skills.”

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