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26 Apr, 2023

Unpacking & Integrating Holistic Health in to Your Life with Ali West

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Today I catch up with Ali West whose life’s purpose and mission is to inspire as many people as possible to live longer, healthier, happier and more joyful lives. I do this by using my skills and experience in health, fitness, well being, human performance, mindset and spirituality to help individuals become optimally healthy, on all levels, mind, body & spirit.

Ali is the founder of Kinetik Fitness which is a 9000 square foot gym in Nottingham, UK. He is also the host of The Kinetik Fitness Show Podcast. When Ali was younger he played semi-professional football (soccer) and has played in both the FA and FA Youth cups. He had to stop pursuing his football career in 2006 when he ruptured his Cruciate Ligament. This led Ali to embarking on a career of coaching and helping others to better themselves.

We start out by looking at Holistic Health and what this means in the context of Optimal Health.

Ali discusses why he sees sleep as so important. It’s the second most important dynamic with breathing being first.

Sleep needs to be a paramount part of your day/routine if you want to move toward optimal wellness.

I ask Ali how do we integrate Holistic Health in to our lives? It starts with taking stock of our lives & know where you want to get to. Set a Target.

Ali explains the importance of only picking one thing that you want to work on at a time.

Consistency is paramount, make optimal health a part of your life.

Ali reveals as men we need to show ourselves some compassion, we beat ourselves up, be kind to yourself. This aligns with #1 on the #keep5alive program at Saving Brothers which is self care/self love. Take care of yourself first.

Ali and I go deeper where I ask him “How and Why did he begin to work on himself?”

Ali emphasises the importance of taking care of yourself first and “levelling up” in all areas of your life.

We discuss Meditation and how it has changed Ali’s life. We look at what it’s done for him.

Ali shares about Self Awareness and it’s Superpower to improve all areas of your life.

We get real with the value of being present – live in the moment, in the now.

Ali shares some of his habits and practices to make him a better version of himself.

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