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24 Feb, 2023

Understanding the Matrix with Dr. Vic Manzo

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Today I catch up with Coach Dr. Vic Manzo originally from “The Windy City” Chicago and now resides in Knoxville Tennessee. Vic and I have a “Fireside Chat” where we explore and begin to Decode The Matrix.

Vic shares where he’s come from as a Certified Pediatric Chiropractor 3 x Author, Podcaster and Speaker and what lead him to embarking on a journey of service not only to others but to understanding human potential and the part fears plays in stifling reaching our full potential.

Vic looks at the role energy plays and what happens when we shift our energy and how we can enter a whole new world to move away from living on auto pilot to moving in to a new space that unlocks what is possible by making it a reality. We bring this in to focus on how you can lead a life of intention. You effectively do life rather than have life do you…

Vic shares what his course is about which is to enable YOU to take back your life and lead a life of Fulfillment.

The question that Vic asks his students is “What do you truly want?” It’s not a surface level kind of question…it requires deep thought to get to the core of this. It’s usually not what first pops in to our heads but rather something much more meaningful. It’s about aligning with your true values and purpose so that you can create a life for you that is meaningful.

The course is about breaking down what you really want by creating fulfilment. It can be about money, a succesful business, relationships and good health.

Vic looks at what limiting beliefs are doing as roadblocks and how they are codes. He explains their impact on our outcomes and how they can be rewritten unblocked to move around and through to get away from that mental prison.

One of the big areas people have a limiting belief with is their finances. Vic’s course helps people rewire those beliefs so they can actualise and create the financial freedom they know they really deserve. It’s about smashing through those self-imposed financial ceilings and limiting beliefs. They are just B.S. – Belief Systems.

Vic’s course goes for 5 weeks in a series of modules, videos and some work…reflections to work on some of the core messages to start creating the outcomes we truly want.

The course’s theme is all about transformation and breaking away from our conditioning particuarly the type that is stealing our human potential. The time investment is around 40 minutes each week.

Who is the Matrix for and who will get the most benefit out of taking the Matrix course? It’s for someone who feels like they are hitting a wall, they are unfilfulled they are tired of being burned out. Vic explains why this is happening to them and based on the hundreds of individuals who have taken his course says “that’s the person that’s going to get the most out of this course.” Yes this is the person who wants to get out of the rat race and find that deeper fulfilment in life. These people have that feeling of…”I know there’s more!”

Join Dr. Vic as he leads you to unlocking YOUR Matrix so you break through those glass ceilings for good!

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