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31 Oct, 2023

The World of The Arts & Human Super Powers with Michaell Magrutsche

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Michaell is an Austrian-Californian multimedia Artist, educator, author of 5 art-related books, podcaster, coach, creative advisor and former Newport Beach CA arts commissioner. Fluent in German and English Micahell is an outside the box thinker whose resolved the paradox: Why are 95% of worldwide artists existing around the poverty level and therefore should be proud to be poor. But without creativity there are no man-made systems, there would be no world as we know it.
In the episode we discuss Why don’t we know anything about art and creativity?
Why do we feel incompetent to talk about art?
Why does art & creativity always bring us closer to humanity?
The function art has art in our human existence. 
To learn more about Michaell and the work he is doing go to his website