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15 Jul, 2023

The World of Optimal Health with Nant Nissen

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After very serious burnout, with ( pneumonia, pleurisy, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and every symptom you can imagine) Nant not only learnt how to heal herself with education, knowledge and personal experience, but she’s also helped hundreds of others to achieve optimal health.

A Master Coach and nearly 3 decades of experience with over 25,000 hours of accumulated coaching with clients. Having personal experience in a Domestic Violence relationship allowed Nant to see the change needed in Men’s Health. A focus on Men’s health, and empowering men to be their best is paramount to impacting our community in both a personal and social way.

Nant helps men regain their power by building optimal health physically! It’s all about helping them achieve a natural state of health, happiness, and vitality.

We will unpack Nant’s personal journey after struggling for years of poor health, what the catalyst was for changing her life, owning her own gym and health centre & helping thousands of people face to face and online.

We discuss the few aspects everyone needs to know about health and wellbeing.

I ask Nant about how tech developments and changes in the world are impacting our health?

We look at why the workplace is such an important aspect of changing the health of our community.

We delve in to what areas we need to focus on to achieve optimal wellbeing?

Our discussion finishes with me asking Nant where we need to start in helping men and the challenges they face?

To learn more about Nant and the work she is doing with men go to Nant Nissen