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The World of Affiliate Marketing with Matt Cooke & James Hancox

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Today I catch up Matt Cooke from The U.K. and James Hancox also from the U.K. but currently residing in Spain.

Both lads are 29 and we discuss their similar backgrounds in Real Estate from the age of 18 where they quickly moved up the ranks in to Management positions.

We hear about how they looked at what the future could hold for them observing their peers and really they didn’t like what they saw. Don’t misunderstand it wasn’t that they lacked respect for what was happening but they quickly realised a life constantly working with little time for anything else was not what they wanted for themselves over the next 25-30 years.

But what was the alternative? Two less than 30 year old guys with no experience other than their ability to serve clients in the cut throat world of Real Estate!

Well after both watched an advert on YouTube funny enough they landed in the same spot…an Online Education Platform which took them step by step through how to create your own Online Business.

Matt & James soon saw the potential of this and could see the benefits of being able to market other people’s products and services without having to hold stock and pay for it but simply by recommending these goods to others for which they would receive a “referral” commission.

After 3 months James received UD$20 and that was it…it was the power of leverage right there. He figured if you can do this once then why couldn’t it be done again and again.

I ask the guys just what is Affiliate Marketing for those who don’t know and they explain what it is and how it works?

We chat about the main benefits of being an Affiliate Marketer but as the podcast reveals it gives one the opportunity to supplement or even replace your income which both Matt & James were able to do within less than a year.

I ask them what was it that inspired them to want to build their own Academy?

We hear about the mission and vision they have for the Ultimate Growth Academy.

They share their vision and the rewards they get from helping others create their own success. We soon learn they are driven by sharing and celebrating the success of their students.

As Matt & James are truly driven to help others live their “Ideal Life” we explore what this means and how their Coaching programs at UGA can help others create and live life on their own terms.

I ask the guys what is the long-term vision for their business?

Finally we look in to why they partnered with Saving Brothers and how they feel they can you add value to Saving Brothers and our Community.

If you have ever wondered what living your best life could look like and whether it’s truly possible…where you no longer have to settle for just getting a paycheck or even if you are making lots of income consider the possibility of working when and how your choose.

I encourage you to step off the treadmill of life and listen to this episode if you want to see and hear about how money and time freedom can be achieved with a little effort.