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08 Apr, 2023

The Myth Guided Mind & Workplace Identity with Mike Hynes

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In this episode I catch up with Executive Coach and Author of the “Myth-Guided Mind” Mike Hynes who takes us on a journey of what shaped him to become a healer, through the impact of past hurt and pain starting with his Dad having a nervous break down and a massive depression when Mike was aged 10. Mike talks of the “knock on” effect he had on him with losing his appetite, not wanting to play with other kids as he says he lost his “zest for life.”

At age 16 Mike and his family end up in 1988 in Belfast in Ireland where at the time there was an unemployment rate for men of 80%.  It was a time when many were disillusioned with no work no structure, no purpose.

Mike’s uncle who was attending a funeral is trying to disarm a man who has grenades and is shooting indiscriminately is himself killed. This event was known as the Milltown Massacre.

The events of this time deeply traumatised Mike who now looks back on this and realises that as a 16 year old kid from Toronto was suffering the effects of PTSD along with his little brother and extended family.

Mike eventually lands in the world of Psychotherapy and is fascinated by the imagery of dreams and healing and the power of storytelling which shapes much of the incredible work he does with his clients.

In the context of what is happening today particularly in light of the Pandemic I ask Mike what he means when he talks of moving from surviving to thriving?

Mike shares ideas on what people can do with the extra time they have due to “working from home” and helping people to be present with themselves.

We explore what embodiment means?

In the light of the pandemic I ask Mike “What are some of the returning to office issues and solutions?”

Mike shares some of the most common current mental health solutions.

I ask Mike why he feels the body is the key to irrational issues we face?

We go in to being a talent magnet in the great resignation and unpack what this is all about.

If you are trying to make sense of workplace issues, your identity and purpose this is a powerful discussion.