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20 May, 2023

The Key to Happiness with Todd Patkin

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Todd Patkin has been in the happiness business since 2011. He has written books and created audio material on happiness. He has toured the U.S.A. teaching his Twelve Weeks to Happiness program. Todd has been on hundreds of radio and tv shows.
Todd was Readers Digest’s happiness person of the year for 2012. Todd also has worked with Deepak Chopra. Yes Todd has had many highs including growing his family business to a sale of $100,000,000 but boy has Todd had just as many brutal lows growing up riddled with insecurity being bullied and homesickness even in college and two brutal break downs as an adult both of which left him contemplating suicide. So Todd knows it from both sides the lowest of the lows to the highest of the highs.
Todd grew up feeling that he needed straight A’s in school which led to insecurities and being bullied. Terrible homesickness. All of this followed him to Tufts University. 
After college Todd went into the family business had the time of his life had huge success but due to his need to achieve he was burning the candle at both ends. This led to a devastating nervous breakdown at the age of 36.
Todd shares with us the impact of losing their child during pregnancy and the devastating impact this had on him. He was suicidal.
Todd set about to change not only his life but the life of others with his Twelve Weeks to Happiness Program. 
In 2015 Todd after much success with his course and touring was suffering from Burnout.
From 2016-2021 Todd was doing a lot of Philanthropy work but was dealing with boredom – he felt he wasn’t reaching his full potential for a number of years.
Todd talks about the role Anti Depressants have played in his life.
We discuss the importance of Learning to Love Yourself and we jump in to unpacking the 12 Weeks to Happiness Program. The Power of Self-Talk.
Todd shares with us about the power of living in the present. Remember wherever you are be there!
Todd teaches us the importance of looking at what you do right rather than what we do wrong. 
We discuss Todd’s book Finding Happiness.
I ask Todd what is the one thing that can have the biggest impact in changing a person’s life?
Todd also gives us a look at the statistics of men vs women who needed counselling for depression during Covid who actually sought help.
Sleep is such an important element of functioning well and I ask Todd about the impact sleep has had on him particularly when he was struggling.
I give Todd the final word on how brothers around the world can find more happiness.
To learn more about the work Todd is doing go to Todd Patkin