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20 Oct, 2023

The Good News About PTSD with Dion Jensen

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In this Chat I catch up with Dion Jensen. Dion is ex Army, ex Police, ex Bodyguard, and a Global speaker.

He has a Goalcast speech with over 1.6 million views, and is featured alongside names such as Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington and Arnold Swarzenegger.

Dion Jensen is a clinically endorsed author of the worlds first good news book about PTSD called The Good News About PTSD,  and The VIP of Mental Health and the eBook series #Crisisleadership which went to Number 1. on linked in for leadership during COVID 19!

Dion has literally “Saved Brothers” who were on the verge of taking their lives and he explains why it is that people reach this point.

Dion will share his definition of Mental Health and he reveals that people who are dealing with Mental Health and PTSD do NOT have a disorder.

We learn that people who have been traumatised do not need fixing.

We do a deep dive in to PTSD for those that have suffered trauma and how he has helped people come back from it. We learn about the Good news when it comes to PTSD.

With a truly global organisation Dion shares how he communicates across countries and cultures, because we are all so diverse.

Dion shares his passion for helping the public and in particular youth. I ask him how he does this for the  as opposed to organizations.

We learn about his incredible coaching programs within The Lion Academy and  why  thousands of people resonated with it.

If you have ever suffered from Trauma or know someone who has then this is definitely an episode you need to listen to.