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The Father Child Relationship with Jayden Wilson

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In this interview I catch up with Resident Coach Jayden Wilson where we look at the complex and very emotive topic of Father’s particularly Divorced and Separated Men and their relationships with their children.

I ask Jayden why his work is only with separated or divorced men and not just any father?

How was it that he wanted to help these men?

Why fathers really feel that disconnection to their kids once the separation occurs?

Jayden shares a common mistake that fathers make after separation or divorce.

We explore what a father needs to create to achieve a quality relationship with his children.

Jayden looks at the biggest thing that is standing in the way of men having a connected relationship with their kids?

How does that affect the way a father parents his children?

We discuss why does it matter that a father is hiding behind his emotions and how does this affect the children?

Jayden shares his own personal journey and we unpack the impact of Mental Illness on men and how this impacts their relationships with their children.

I ask Jayden about how does a father deal with the stories that are told about him to his kids?

When is it is a good time for a father to make a commitment like this to connecting with his children after he is separated from them?

Jayden shares his 3 Pillars for helping fathers create the relationships they want with their children.

I ask Jayden how long it can take for a father to get the results they are wanting using his strategies?

Finally we finish up with how Jayden believes the work he is doing with separated and divorced fathers is going to have an impact on the world.