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26 Jul, 2023

The Art of Happiness with Tamara Zoner

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Tamara is a Speaker and Coach on a mission to create greater happiness in the world by teaching individuals and groups the actions and habits of happiness. A show-not-tell single mom to 3 awesome kids and karaoke enthusiast, Tamara demonstrates daily how to create a life you love!
We kick off by me asking Tamara about how she helps people create a life they love. That sounds like a big task, so where does one start?
In this episode we cover off…How does a person’s relationship with themselves relate to their success in life?
How do you navigate your world if you’re surrounded by negative people, but you’re trying to be more positive?
How do you stop the critical voice and start supporting yourself?
How to bring more Passion & Purpose into your life experience.
What’s the most important thing a person can do to positively impact their lives?
What put you on this path of personal growth and development?
I ask Tamara what are her biggest influences?
How do we stay positive when awful things happen?
What practices do you recommend for someone on this path?
What is the biggest challenge your clients face?
To learn more about Tamara and the amazing work she is doing go to Tamara Zoner