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12 Apr, 2023

Tears of Joy with Andrew Jobling

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In this episode I catch up with Andrew Jobling who is on a mission to create a Wave of Wellness all around the world by helping people live a purposeful life of joyful longevity, and even more than that, he has the ambitious goal of engaging the un-engageable, moving the un-moveable and motivating the un-motivated towards making better choices and living the life of health, happiness and abundance they are born to live.
Andrew is an unlikely athlete and an accidental author. With limited skills and physical prowess, he played professional Australian Football for seven years. He has thirty-years experience in the health & wellbeing industry. Then with no time, experience or qualifications he ‘accidentally’ decided to write his first book.
Andrew is currently the best-selling author of eight books, including; Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be Lean & Healthy, and, his latest, Tears of Joy.
After the death of his mum to cancer Andrew found himself in a dark place, not just emotionally, but financially, physically and mentally. He began to imagine what his life could be like if he believed anything was possible … it worked. After some serious changes in his thinking and in his daily actions, Andrew’s life began to change for the better. He now lives a life of passion, of choice and totally in alignment with his core values.
Every day is pure joy spent doing what he loves with the people he loves … He believes it is the only way to live! As a result, he’s passionate about helping people believe in their own power, use more of their potential, expand their personal boundaries and create positive long-term change so they can live a happier, healthier and more dynamic life. 
Come on a journey as Andrew shares his insights in to living a fulfilling life.