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Suicide. How’s Your Day Going out of 10 with Raamon Newman & Josh Liteky

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Suicide. It is such an important topic and in this discussion Raamon Newman, Josh Liteky and myself have a frank discussion about what we can all do to bring men in to the light and away from feeling the need to take their lives. 
Raamon is well known as one of our Coaches at Saving Brothers but listeners let me introduce you to Josh who is a teacher, coach, and trainer in the field of meditation, personal and professional development, and mindset mastery. He works very closely with U.S. Veterans and refers to the challenges they deal with as he puts it with “inner fighting.” 
I ask Josh “What are the great challenges men and veterans are facing right now and secondly how we can create a better and safe space for them to open up and have discussions?”
Raamon shares with us how CEO’s and high achievers as they succeed are taking on more and more pressure & how important it is they incorporate good self care with meditation and good sleep to keep those stresses at bay.
Raamon talks about the importance of when you are in a dark place that you have that “spirit of enquiry.” We need to ask ourselves “How can I get better, How can I change this energy?”
We talk about the role of sleep and how important it comes to in the context of PTSD and stress. We need that optimal sleep of 7-8 hours a night. Fixing the sleep problem is the pinnacle to ensuring all the areas of life can work as they should.
Raamon reminds us that even nature sleeps. It’s about rest and activity.
Josh shares with us how he’s teaching Veterans Transcendental Meditation and the positive impact it’s having with the Veterans he’s working with. Meditation is for the mind and Sleep is for the body to rejuvenate. 
Raamon gives us an insight in to how Meditation helps us relieve stress and how it significantly drops Cortisol. 
Inner Development – How it helps to purify those stresses…
I ask Josh with the work he’s doing particularly when a guy is “at the end of their rope” how he can help them. He reveals the importance of shifting the paradigm. – Inner Success creates Outer Success.
Josh shares that key before anything else is “learning to love yourself.” He recommends reading “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depended On it.”
Raamon asks “When was the last time you said to yourself I love You?” 
I ask the guys what are some examples of how we can show ourselves self-care and self-love? 
Remember creating the safe environment that it’s ok to not be ok, Why vulnerability is a strength.
Friends it’s really important to have a fellow group of brothers to reach out to for support and daily check in.
To learn more about Raamon Newman go to New Mavericks and to explore the work that Josh Liteky is doing connect with him on LinkedIn