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26 Oct, 2023

Solutions from the Multiverse with Adam Braus

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ADAM BRAUS is a professor, a polymath professional, author, public intellectual, podcaster, and a breakout expert in the fields of innovation, education, and ethics. He is an avid writer, speaker, coach, and consultant. He lives in San Francisco, California’s Mission district.

Adam shares insights in to the Japanese concept of “nemawashi” or “piecemeal consensus” and how we can use it to drive innovation.

We look at What is Evidence-Based Education (EBE) and how can we use it to make schools way better.

We take a trip in to the Multiverse and step in to what Adam does within his own podcast.

If you are ready for your mind to be expanded then come on this journey with Adam you won’t be disappointed.

To learn more about Adam and his work take a trip to his Multiverse at Adam