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08 Sep, 2023

Saving Brothers – What’s It All About with Founder Philip Robison

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8th September 2021
The reasons I founded Saving Brothers. – My Personal Journey.
Giving Men Information in Editorials/Blogs that are resources for them and their Women
Coaching and Courses – Health Self and Wealth.
Upcoming Courses – Online Marketing. How to build an Online Business – Building Multiple Revenue Streams.
Why? Money is one of the major stresses for many men.
The Saving Brothers App – #Keep5alive Program – How it works helping 5 Brothers.
Why the App? To help men keep each other Accountable and to take responsibility for their health.
Message Alerts. – Keeping an eye on your brothers.
How can you become involved as a Brother – Ambassador The 4 Revenue Streams.
Future Events – Overnight, MasterMind Events overseas in the future.
Saving Little Brothers in the Future and building a Legacy.
I will share what the future looks like for Saving Brothers, what are we building and Why?
How can you help your Brothers?