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03 Dec, 2023

Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness with Karen Richards

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Today on the Saving Brothers Podcast I catch up with Karen Richards one of our Resident Coaches.

Karen is based in The United Kingdom and has over 20 years experience in Nursing, Public Health and Sociology.

Karen is a Positive Intelligence and HeartMath Certified Coach.

When faced with her own turmoil of anxiety, overwhelm and depression Karen was introduced to a handful of simple heart-based techniques with biofeedback which with daily practice has transformed the way she approaches stressful circumstances. Karen shares what happened to her in August 2019 and how she was able to apply the heart-based strategy to first help herself.

Karen was so inspired by the personal changes she was able to achieve that she went on to become a Mental Fitness Coach.

We talk about her work with men who are battling spiralling negative thoughts and who are dealing with poor self-worth through a heart-based Mental Fitness Program.

I start by asking Karen just what is Heart Math and Mental Fitness and how her program helps men feel happier, more valued and empowered to move forward with greater clarity and a deep inner stability?

During the chat we do simple breathing exercises and I have to say it immediately helped me create a state of calm, focus and greater clarity…This stuff really works!

We discus the 3 Core Muscles.

Karen explains how it’s really possible to shift from a Saboteur to a Sage response even when faced with tough challenges.

We talk about negative thoughts and whether negative thoughts are necessary or justified?

I ask Karen what inspired her to want to become a Resident Saving Brothers Coach and finally Karen introduces a fantastic offer to our Brothers based on meeting them where they are at.

This is an episode not be missed if you want to step off that treadmill and slow things down.