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Peak Performance with Life Coach Chris Plourde

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Chris is a coach, a businessman, a father and husband.

He’s a Former Master Trainer and Presenter, who’s created and presented content both nationally and internationally, on the mental and physical aspects of training for peak performance in all areas of life.

As a former Chief Executive with Men’s Teams and Organizations, he has mentored many men to find their authentic self and create leadership qualities which they could bring to their families, communities, and businesses.

Today we talk about growing up in an Industrial town out of Boston and what that was like for Chris and how it shaped him.

These days he resides in Los Angeles and works with Individuals, Athletes, Teams and Organisations to establish deep meaningful purpose, create clear communication and sharpen leadership tools to perform at their highest level, so that success, happiness and fulfillment are inevitable.

We talk about the importance on getting really clear on your goals and Chris shares stories of his days as an Athlete to create relatable examples that we can take in to not only our day to day lives but our professional lives too.

There are 5 aspects of the spokes of life just like on a bike they all need to be in harmony for the wheel to roll effectively. When you get this right you are finding balance for unleashing your true potential in all areas of your life.

I ask Chris about Meditation and Breathwork and how he integrates this in helping his clients find greater clarity and balance. It’s a wonderful journey when Chris opens up around when men he works with have those “Aha” moments and really start to understand their purpose which is one of the cornerstones of the work Chris does in helping brothers find real meaning in their lives in why they are here!

Chris unpacks what are his Personal Performance habits?

Finally I ask Chris to expand on his philosophy around “the way you approach one thing in life is the way you approach everything in life.”

Strap yourself in for an amazing ride with Chris Plourde.