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05 Apr 2022

Wisdom of the Men with Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur

Today I catch up with Celebrity Entrepreneur Clint Arthur a graduate from The Wharton Business School. After going to Hollywood to “find himself” he ended...
03 Apr 2022

Peak Performance with Life Coach Chris Plourde

Chris is a coach, a businessman, a father and husband. He’s a Former Master Trainer and Presenter, who’s created and presented content both nationally and...
01 Apr 2022

Let me Tell You a Story with Rebecca Roberts

Today I catch up with Swizz based Rebecca Roberts who’s originally from the Deep South of Louisiana as she says “the land of swamps, alligators...
31 Mar 2022

Mastering Business Performance Stress through Leadership Self Mastery

Raamon Newman, Co-founder / CEO of New Mavericks, a leadership development consultancy based in the USA and Australia, interviews Dr. Vic Manzo, CEO / President...
30 Mar 2022

From Addiction through Recovery to Global Leadership Coach with Danny Hamm

Tonight on The Saving Brothers Podcast I catch up with my Brother Danny Hamm who is The “Ambassador for Gratitude.” Danny was in an automobile...
26 Mar 2022

Becoming Your Own Best Friend with Lee Hopkins

Coach Lee Hopkins (he/him/his) is a transgender man who helps people create lasting friendships. After struggling with loneliness most of his life, he’s tried various...
25 Mar 2022

Brownies For Breakfast & Loving Food with Lynne Bowman

Today on the Podcast I catch up with Lynne Bowman from just out of San Francisco who wrote the Amazon Best Selling book Brownies For...
23 Mar 2022

Let’s Talk All Things Keto with Malcolm McLean

In this Podcast I catch up with Keto King Malcolm Mclean the Founder of Ultra Lite 22 years ago. His organisation has worked with some...
22 Mar 2022

Gender Equality & Why we Are Still Falling Short with Sandra D’Souza

This time I catch up with Sandra D’Souza the CEO and Founder of Ellect. Sandra is a Gender Equality Advocate. I ask Sandra how she...
16 Mar 2022

Sexual Anxiety with Jem Fuller

This week I have the pleasure of chatting with Jem Fuller about Sexual Anxiety a topic that many would probably not understand let alone discuss....
12 Mar 2022

From U.S. Coastguard to Child Protection Advocate with Robby Yates

In this episode I had the absolute pleasure to catch up with Robby Yates from Memphis Tennessee. Robby is a veteran of the US Coast...
09 Mar 2022

How’s Your Prostate with Urologist Dr. Darren Katz

Darren Katz is a urological surgeon who serves as Medical Director of Men’s Health Melbourne. He is also the Chairman elect of the Andrology Special...
23 Feb 2022

Financial Wellbeing – It’s Played Above The Shoulders with Mick de Haan

Mick is the Co-Founder and Financial Wellness Leader of Quantum Leap Global, a business established to ignite human and business potential. He is a global...
16 Feb 2022

Autism What’s It All About with Isaac Lappin.

Today I catch up with Autism Advocate and the founder of Autistic Angels Isaac Lappin. We explore just what it’s like being a man with...
09 Feb 2022

Kinesiology – What’s It All About with Shaun Tucker?

10 years ago Shaun Tucker found himself at the crossroads of a serious health scare. He had a choice to make…continue down the path he...
27 Jan 2022

3 Keys to More Leadership Mastery in 2022 with Raamon Newman

In this Episode with Resident Coach Raamon Newman he shares some fantastic examples of what can be achieved with Leadership Mastery. Raamon shares how a...

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