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18 Aug, 2023

Nutrition With Dr. Liz Isenring

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Liz shares her background in the world of Health. She is an Honorary Adjunct Professor and a Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics from Bond University.

She is also a Clinical Academic Fellow for the Department of Health QLD.

Liz has over 20 years experience and is recognised as an International Nutrition and Wellness Expert, best selling author, keynote speaker and has received over $4 million AUD in research support and has published almost 160 Scientific Papers and Books.

Liz and I talk about her recently released book – Dream It-Do it A Framework for turning your dreams in to reality.

Liz shares her framework based on the 3 Pillars – Mindset, Menu & Movement.

Her reasons for starting her business LINC Nutrition is deeply personal and Liz and I chat about why she was inspired and driven to bring this to the world.

With so much uncertainty and flux in the world many people are struggling with low energy. Liz gives her expert insights around why nutrition is so important to energy and performance.

With Covid a lot of people are feeling really challenged and Liz looks a the relationship between food and mood.

Liz shares how to keep your Immune Systems strong which is especially important now more than ever.

A topic not well known is Gut health and Liz shares what it is and why it is so important.

We learn some simple hacks men can carry out to trigger good gut health and some of the foods or things to avoid that can impare good gut health.

I ask Liz about what she hopes to bring to Saving Brothers, the courses she will you be offering our Community.

Finally as Liz is a Saving Brothers Ambassador I ask what inspired her to become one of our Ambassadors.