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23 Apr, 2023

Never Give Up… It’s Not Over till it’s Over with Graeme Alford

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Graeme is the Founder of Reset My Future and 21 Renew. Graeme is a recovering alcoholic who has remained abstinent for the past 36 years. He has a Bachelor of Law and also a Diploma in Community Services Alcohol & Other Drugs. He is passionate about helping people with substance abuse issues put their life back together.

Graeme shares his back story about how he was awarded a scholarship to study law and ended up practicing Criminal Law. Graeme’s journey had him  acting for members of the “Underworld” which catapulted him in to a whole new world. It was a world of alcohol, slow racehorses and nightclubs, police and court. His story takes us to his time in jail for stealing from a Trust Account and then a second stint in jail followed after holding up a bank.

Graeme upon his second visit to jail whilst waiting on remand asked himself “How did you finish like this?” It definitely was not a normal career path for a lawyer.

Graeme came to the realisation he only had 2 choices. You either give up or get up! Fortunately Graeme embarked on a journey of self improvement by Getting Up.

Graeme shares how he set up and brought out “The World Masters of Business.” Some of the speakers included General “Stormin” Norman Schwarzkopf,
Lee Iacocca, Stephen Covey, Ricardo Semler President Gorbachev, Nelson Mandella & Rubin Hurricane Carter.

The moral of the story “Never Give Up.”

Graeme shares how he has reconciled with his past and whilst he acknowledges he cannot change it he has developed tools for how to deal with it.

We talk about when Graeme meets with a family he explains when it comes to substance abuse the behaviour is not your loved one but a direct result of where the substance abuse takes you…

We look at the program Graeme was running Pre-Covid called 21 Renew up in Bali. Graeme’s work includes CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Motivational interviewing with Scenario based learning.

Graeme shares for the person in recovery time is your ally.

We learn that when it comes dealing with someone dealing with substance issues you “can’t wrap them in a cocoon.”

Since Covid Graeme has been working with his clients in a 12 week non-residential program. It’s all about the 3 components. The program is called Reset My Future. 

Graeme says once he takes on a client “It’s not over till it’s over” meaning the program may go beyond the 12 weeks.

Graeme’s final word to brothers around the world…”You will never fix the problem by yourself.”