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Neurodiversity a World of Opportunities with Danielle Sullivan

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Danielle Sullivan is a Neurodiversity Life Coach working with neurodivergent (mostly autistic and ADHD) adults across the USA. Danielle uses solution-focused, positive psychology, and transformational coaching methods depending on what the client needs, and is grounded in neuroscience and the neurodiversity paradigm. She is competent to speak on several themes, including: Neurodiversity: Danielle can speak with authority about: – common myths about neurodiversity, how autism is portrayed in various films, television, and books, how to improve inclusivity and diversity efforts for autistic folks and the disability of being autistic in a world not designed for her. 
At 32 Danielle was considered as being “late identified” autistic adult meaning she wasn’t caught as a child. This was really positive for her and she shares why.
Straight off I ask Danielle what is Neurodiversity?
Danielle shares the types of work she does with Neurodivergent folks as a Life Coach.
We learn about how Danielle got in to the work she does and where she started; her podcast that is about producing Neurodivergent resources for folks like her.
I ask Danielle about sleep and diet and exercise for Neurodivergent people and what role they play in functioning well. 
Danielle talks about the impact of blue light, screens and technology on good sleep habits and how “sleep hygiene” is foundational she considers it one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.
I ask Danielle about some of the common myths about Neurodiversity?
We talk about rigidity – knowing what’s coming up next & control over surroundings & sensitivity to sensory input.
Danielle and I chat about what we can do as a society when it comes to defining what autism and ADHD are. 
Danielle explains the concept of Ableism.
I ask Danielle how has autism improved her world and her life?
Remember being different is an opportunity!
To learn more about Danielle and the work she is doing head over to