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Natural ways to optimize your Brain, Gut, and Body with Dr. Grace Hameister

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This time I catch up with Dr. Grace Hameister who has a 20+ year integrative medicine career built on the unique perspective of being a geeky scientist and elite athlete (former Olympic-level Rhythmic Gymnast and World Champion Water Skier). This crazy science/athlete combo has brought Grace to live and work in the world of celebrity, high-powered executives, musicians, gifted practitioners, and innovative thinkers who are having a positive impact on people and our planet. With emphasis on accelerated tissue repair, optimal nutrition, and high tech therapeutic devices to facilitate rapid healing, Dr. Grace has cultivated a unique and effective set of skills to serve the private, public, entertainment and corporate worlds.

I firstly ask Grace what are the top foods that are a must to AVOID for optimal health?

As well all age it’s so important how to stay fit without injury and Grace shares some insights on this.

The secrets of gut repair and optimal gut function.

Best medical devices for injury repair.

Grace shares some of her favourite devices or hacks for optimal health.

There’s no question that Grace’s Superpower is being able to explain the most complicated science, body systems, and optimal health solutions in a way that anyone can understand, enjoy, be entertained with, and definitely laugh about along the way – humour is everything!

Strap yourself in for a fun filled ride that will inspire you to get yourself started on the journey to optimal health.

To learn more about what Grace is doing go to [un]common medicine – science | celebrity | [un]common solutions (