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19 Apr, 2023

Molecular Hydrogen Therapy with Greg The H Man.

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Greg “The Hydrogen Man” or “H Man” is a serious hydrogen therapy guru.  The study of molecular hydrogen therapy has been his passion for over 10 years.  He is well versed in the extensive health benefits molecular hydrogen provides.  His knowledge comes not only from his extensive study but from first-hand experience in his own healing.

Greg discusses that not all hydrogen is equal. We learn what hydrogen does to free radicals and oxidative stress.

Greg shares his knowledge around scientific and peer-reviewed studies about hydrogen and dispels whether it is all just fake news and hype!

Are all devices that produce hydrogen-infused water or gas created equal?

What does hydrogen do for neurological and cognitive issues?

What does hydrogen do for your heart and cancer?

I ask Greg why don’t all doctors know about the benefits of molecular hydrogen therapy?

Finally Greg shares what works better, hydrogen water or hydrogen gas?

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