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11 Sep, 2023

Modern Meditation – Your Opportunity for Change & Personal Growth with Sara Webb

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Sara Maya Webb is an author, inspirational speaker, and self-proclaimed spiritual activist, dedicated to leading an intentional life and her mission of healing the world, one person at a time.
Her book “LOOK LUSH” is a collection of poetry outlining her rise from the ashes after a multi-man rape, coming out of the closet, and getting sober / healing addiction through the power within ourselves in conjunction with nature.

Sara lives in Florida with her powerhouse wife, three brilliant children, and too many four-legged fur babies to mention.

In this Podcast Sara takes you on a journey of what could be possible for you, the meditation she speaks of can be literally life changing as it has been for her.

She passionately shares this to help individuals live their absolute best life.

I ask Sara about just what is the “power within”?

Sara shares the inspiration for her new book Look Lush a collection of 55 poems that outlines intentional healing from rape, addiction, and coming out of the closet through the power we all have within, and in conjunction with nature.

We discuss how Sara healed from her trauma.

What is meditation and why is it important?

Sara loves science and we take a look at the way the human body processes stress.

We unpack her “coming out” story at age 40.

Sara shares her mission?

To learn more about the incredible work Sara is doing go to her website at