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Mental Health with Craig Turton – Hey Brother How’s Your Day Going out of 10?

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In this emotion charged interview I catch up with Craig Turton or “Turts” as he is affectionately known, a man who is extremely passionate about Men’s Health and Suicide Prevention.
By day Craig is a Professional Commercial Painter…So how does a Painter become one involved in Co-Founding an organisation dedicated to Men’s Health and Suicide Prevention?
Listen to the moving story of how his organisation 100 Words Mate to Mate came about.
Craig shares the reason for the name 100 Words Mate to Mate.
We take a look at what a 100Words Mate to Mate event looks like and how deeply moving being at one of these events can not only change a man’s life but it could save it or someone else’s life too.
Craig is the originator of our saying “Hey brother how’s your day going out of 10?” We talk about the power of this and just why this question is so important when it comes to talking to men to see how they are really feeling.
Craig shares some very concerning statistics on Men’s Health in Australia. For example the biggest killer of men aged 15 to 45 is THEMSELVES. Why is that?
This is a discussion that all men and women need to hear and share with those they love and care about.