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06 Apr, 2023

Making Space in the Digital Age with Daniel Sih

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Today I chat with Daniel Sih who currently resides on The Apple Isle in Tasmania. Daniel shares his new book, “Spacemaker: how to Unplug, Unwind and think clearly in the Digital Age.”

Daniel’s book “Best Personal Development” book in Australia in 2021 (Australian Business Book Awards). It’s a manifesto to help us live a happier, healthier and more productive life by unplugging from technology as a habit.

I ask Daniel why he wrote a book about making space in the digital age?

We discuss why its important to examine our relationship with the online world?

His book helps us to understand why our productivity suffers when we overuse digital technology.

Daniel shares his thoughts on neuroplasticity and how our brains are shaped by digital overuse?

I ask Daniel whether social media is good or bad, and how does it impact our ability to form deep relationships?

Daniel shares some practical tips to help us disconnect from our devices.

As a parent we all face the dilemma of when to get our child their first smart phone.  Daniel gives advice for parenting healthy teens and tweens.

We discuss what is a Digital Sabbath and why does it matter?

This conversation will remind you of the importance to have space to think deeply, rest fully and spend time with loved ones away from a screen.