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25 Apr, 2023

Living an Extraordinary Life the Story of a Well Travelled Man with Robert White

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Robert wrote Living an Extraordinary Life where he makes a bold promise…He shares how some of his early success comes from being constantly told “you are not enough…you can’t make it.”

Robert shares that those that reach the top usually do so at a huge price.

We discuss the impact of betrayal and how that drives many successful individuals.

When working with corporate clients Robert shares how executives light up when you ask them “What do you like to do when you’re not working.” It’s not all about work…

Robert talks about at least 1/3 of your life is spent working. Robert wants people to take a look at What their level of joy is? What their level of fulfilment is, their level of Philanthropic involvement.

Robert reveals to us insights about “The Chair of Joy.” It’s FREE for all of us.

Robert says Leadership is about persuading others to follow you, doing the work on yourself in terms of completing your past, becoming better at telling the truth about reality.

You need to discover your purpose – Why are you here? Robert says you need to get clear on a compelling vision, not just goals.

Robert looks at the question “What are your values?

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