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17 Apr, 2023

Lifestyle Medicine and Escaping The Rat Race with Ed Paget

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Ed Paget is an osteopath, writer, presenter and an advocate for lifestyle medicine. 
Ed was one of the first people to bring osteopathy to Alberta, Canada building Canada’s largest and only B Corp certified osteopathic clinic but felt that he was giving too much of his personal health in order to run a company.
In 2017 he decided to get out of the rat race, sold everything he owned and moved his young family to a quiet surf town in Nicaragua.
Today Ed shares What is osteopathy?
I ask Ed what was it like selling everything and moving to Central America?
Ed shares what is lifestyle medicine?
How can lifestyle changes help people?
We look at what are the top lifestyle changes people can make to improve their health?
What are the hidden causes of illness and injury?
We talk about what Ed learnt from the shamans in Canada?
I ask Ed what’s more important, diet, exercise, sleep or stress management?
Why is sleep so important for us?
What is Mission, Mindset, Movement and Mojo?
Ed is now running online courses for back pain and scoliosis. To learn more about this an Lifestyle Medicine go to