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21 Jun, 2023

Letting It Go – Dealing with Stress in Today’s World with Dr. Laurie Weiss

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Dr. Laurie Weiss, psychotherapist, Coach and Relationship Communication expert has helped more than 60,000 individuals reclaim life energy and find joy in life for more than four decades.  She has taught professionals in 13 countries and authored 13 books that make complex information accessible to anyone. Her popular, Letting It Go, teaches rapid anxiety and stress relief.

She earned an MA in Psychology and a PhD in Health and Human Services while practicing, writing and raising her family.  She is certified as a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst, and Master Certified Coach.
She is the author of 13 books, several ebooks and numerous articles. Her work has been translated into German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic.

We discuss Dr. Laurie Weiss’s book Letting It Go and why she wrote it? In the book I ask Laurie about “The reason for your distress is often very different than you think it is.” I ask her what she means by this?

Laurie shares what changed for her using the power of words with a strategy called  Logosynthesis® and how it can be used to resolve blocks to experience abundance.

Dr. Weiss gives insights in to Logosynthesis® and how simple it is and how it works.

We discuss how her work in relationship communications fit in with Logosynthesis?

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