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23 Mar, 2023

Let’s Talk All Things Keto with Malcolm McLean

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In this Podcast I catch up with Keto King Malcolm Mclean the Founder of Ultra Lite 22 years ago. His organisation has worked with some 550,000 people to restore their health and longevity.

Malcolm shares his journey from New Zealand across the ditch to Australia where he studied to become a Chiropractor but his fascination with Nutrition took him down an entirely different path particularly since he weighed in at the time at 122 kilograms.

I ask Malcolm what made him get started on the keto diet.

We discuss why the keto diet is becoming so popular?

We talk about why they call the keto diet fat burning?

Malcolm unpacks just what are ketones and how the keto diet works.

We take a look at the health benefits of a ketogenic diet and the benefits of understanding the ketogenic diet.

Finally we chat about the health benefits of a keto diet and Malcolm’s final word for our Brothers.