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01 Apr, 2023

Let me Tell You a Story with Rebecca Roberts

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Today I catch up with Swizz based Rebecca Roberts who’s originally from the Deep South of Louisiana as she says “the land of swamps, alligators and sweet tea.” Rebecca is a Mindset Coach who focuses on the modality of storytelling to explore and expose the subconscious beliefs. These hidden stories have the power to empower or hinder teams and individuals to move with ease towards their desired visions.

Rebecca sees again and again how the stories we tell ourselves ABOUT ourselves and the world around us shapes what we believe to be possible and also what we believe is outside of our reach.

It’s a wonderful free flowing conversation that focuses on the power of how and what we associate to the meaning of the stories we tell ourselves.

By changing the narrative we can direct our lives to have more meaning.

It’s quite amazing when just one word can be so powerful. Rebecca shares by simply replacing the word “nosey” with “curious” had a profound impact on how she viewed herself from a simple comment aged 11.

We could all do with a new story from time to time.