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09 Apr, 2023

Leadership Under Pressure with Anton Guinea

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In the episode I catch up with Anton Guinea. Over the past 15 years he’s worked with over 150+ Global Organisations, he’s inspired workplace leadership, safety and cultural change through emotional control, care factor and courageous decision making.
Anton’s origin story is one where a workplace incident nearly took his life, and he used that experience to share with leaders what they can do to keep their staff psychologically and physically safe. Anton’s response was to study a degree in Human Resource Management, and then a degree in Psychological Science, to understand what drives leaders, and how they can control their emotional state, instead of flying off the handle and harming others.
Anton shares insights, provides actionable methodologies, coupled with powerful concepts and tools, to embed effective and under pressure leadership in the heart of businesses, which achieve proven results.
Anton is the author of several books including “How to Get Life Results” “Millionaires & Billionaires Secrets Revealed” “The Choice Point,” Let’s Talk About Safety & “Let’s Give Your Life Direction.”
Anton says “Facilitation” is the key skill set for leaders in 2022.
I ask him how he goes about facilitating as a Leader? The key is to ask questions, listen and follow a process.
We discuss why leadership under pressure skills are important?
How can leaders be better at leading under pressure?
Why emotional intelligence and emotional control is the key?
What new leaders can do to deal with the pressure of leadership?
We wrap up with Anton’s key message for leaders.