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17 Sep, 2023

It’s All About Resilience with Michael Trencher

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Michael Trencher is a Business and Performance Coach specialising in building and sustaining resilience.
For many years, Michael has worked with a variety of people who all have their own story and who all come from different walks of life.

One thing they all have in common however, is that they have experienced challenging situations in both their personal and business lives.

It is through these experiences, Michael has developed his resilience program, Resilience with Impact, which is designed to help people build resilience through their most challenging times and, importantly, sustain it going forward.

To kick off our chat I ask Michael “What is Resilience?

Michael shares why some people are more resilient others?

How can building resilience help you?
How can you build resilience?

What misconceptions surround resilience?

Michael shares some practical tips on sustaining resilience.

Finally I ask Michael “What inspired him to become an Ambassador for Saving Brothers”?