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It all Starts with Breathing with Richard Burrows

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As an elite performance coach, Rich centres his approach on the mastery of breath. The foundations provided by sound breathing mechanics, efficient and effective use of oxygen and the ability to control the automatic responses to pressure, stress and fear can propel performance to completely new levels. Whether you are an athlete, business professional, tactical operator or busy parent, your success ultimately depends on your ability to generate and use energy at the critical moment; both of which are impossible without control of our critical life force – oxygen.
Rich’s clients include Olympic Athletes, National and World Champions, as well as Senior Executives and Technology Entrepreneurs. He is excited to help individuals from all walks of life to ‘build better wings’.
I ask Richard about his interest in breathing and how can people benefit from breathwork.
We look at the benefits of breathing in terms of dealing with anxiety.
Richard shares insights in to some of the breathing exercises he does which include putting people in ice baths and carrying heavy weights under water. I ask the obvious question…What is the purpose behind these types of activities?
What other physical benefits or changes are people going to notice once they become better breathers?
For the complete novice with average health and fitness, where is the best place to start with improving breathing?
There seems to be lots of different methods and techniques out there these days, if you had one piece of advice for anyone just starting out exploring the world of breath work what would it be?
To learn more about Richard and the work he does around breath control head over to his website at Performance Breathing