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16 Apr, 2023

How’s Your Mental Health with Paul Davies?

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Today I catch up with Paul Davies from Nebraska U.S.A. Paul is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner.  He has been practicing for about 6 years. Paul has worked with a variety of clients through individual, family, or couples counselling.  He is trained and certified in Child Parent Psychotherapy and Parent Child Interaction Therapy (modalities focused on improved behaviour of young children through a stronger connection to their caregivers). Paul has worked with children and teenagers at school to improve mental health while also making services more attainable in the rural communities. He’s co-facilitated a Batterer’s Intervention Program which is a 30 week program working with men who have been charged with domestic violence.
I ask Paul about attention span and how does it work?
We discuss some methods of reducing workplace stress and frustration.
Paul talks about a very common challenge which is burnout and how can people identify it.
We chat about some of the issues men in Paul’s community are seeking help with and Paul shares solutions for how to deal with these challenges. 
Paul shares some common misconceptions about domestic abuse and we round out with some of the applicable psychological studies he has encountered.