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How to Keep Drinking by Getting Rid of the “Shitty” Parts with Caroline Holke

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In this Episode I catch up with Caroline Holke who’s from St Louis Missouri, U.S.A. After 30+ years of drinking Caroline decided she’d had enough of the hangovers and waking up in the middle of the night. She didn’t want to give up drinking altogether, just the shitty parts of it.  
This work was so life changing, that Caroline decided to leave her 20+ year marketing career in a Fortune 50 Company and dedicate her life to it.
Today, she is a certified life coach through the Life Coach School. Caroline is on a mission to empower others to regain their control over alcohol and create a life that they love.
I ask Caroline how she cut back on her drinking?
Caroline explains how she works with her clients.
We look at the advantage to working with a coach.
Caroline unpacks how she starts with her clients.
We look at desire and whether it is learned.
Caroline shares the steps to getting rid of the shitty parts of drinking and how you can still fun when you drink less.
We finish up with what Caroline calls “found” time. To learn more about how Caroline can help you go to Caroline Holke Coaching