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14 Apr, 2023

How to Have those End of Life Planning Discussions with Forrest Jones MD

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Forrest Jones MD has been a Family Physician for over 40 years and resides in Chicago U.S.A. He earned his Doctorate in Medicine at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and completed his Family Medicine residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago IL.  He has worked in multiple practice settings, including self-employed private practice, employed fee-for-service and managed care, hospitalist and home visit companies.
He was inspired to start CaringEnd while medical power of attorney for his parents. Motivated to have end-of-life conversations with all his patients, he failed because of several barriers. His efforts to overcome these challenges led to a process with added benefits of reviving his passion and inspiring his patients.
We take a look at some of the reasons why having end-of-life planning conversations are hard for doctors and for people in general.
Why it’s important to try to have end-of-life conversations?
Why it’s important to have an advance care (end-of-life) plan.
From a Patients point of view I ask Forrest what are some ways to more effectively communicate with your doctor?
Forrest shares some of the ways a Doctor can more effectively communicate with their patients.
We look at the extent of a patient’s reluctance or resistance to end-of-life care discussions and what sort of a real barrier it creates for the Doctor.
I ask Forrest to what extent does physical and emotional exhaustion impact the work of a Doctor?
We talk about Forrest’s most gratifying experience in delivering bad news. From this I ask about what Forrest hopes to achieve when having an end-of-life planning conversation?
What is the most important part of good and effective end-of-life planning?
A really important discussion for both Patient & Doctor.